Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pictures are Worth a Million Words

Y'all, I am crazy about pictures. I mean, CrAzY! I love them. I seriously can't take enough of my own children. I have a hard time deleting ones that I know I will never use...I think it may be a sickness:(
I have a precious friend who is a photographer. Her darling, beautiful little girls have gone to school with my Jacob for many years. This woman has a talent. I would love for you all to head over to her blog and check out her work. If you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, you will not want to miss an opportunity with Ms. Dawn! After you view her art, make sure to leave her a comment and tell her I sent you!

(The delicious blond one is my own! He is under the title III)


The Mays Family said...

he is so adorable Keri, he has gotten so big. miss you friend

Keri C said...

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