Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Seriously, I have been AWFUL at keeping up this blog:( As with everything else lately, I blame the pregnancy:) I have about one more month to do that, so I will take each chance I can get! Soon, I will post another belly photo, since the last one I posted was at 24 weeks!! Just look up at my ticker and you will see that I am waaaaaaay behind! My fundal measurements were about 2weeks ahead and at our sono almost two weeks ago Ben was measuring 2weeks ahead. He measured right about 5pounds at 31weeks! Which would put us at about 10pounds if we went to the full 40weeks. My doctor is graciously going to induce at 38 weeks...and I can't wait to get my name on the books!!

Enjoy our photos from Halloween. The kids had a TON of fun and received a TON of candy...and they have shared a TON with mommy and daddy:)