Sunday, March 30, 2008


I don't know how many of you have been following the story of Tricia, Nate and Gwyneth. If you have or have not, I urge you to visit their blog. Tricia has cystic fibrosis and has been awaiting a double lung transplant. They have a precious baby girl, Gwyneth, that is a micro-preemie in the same hospital as her mommy.

They got a call today that they may have a match for Tricia's new lungs. Please, if the Lord prompts you, pray for this sweet family.

And, for the donor family that has lost a loved one.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Winds of March are Blowing!

By the title, I mean that we are having a super busy month! I would not have it any other way!
Four sweet girls are pregnant in our homegroup. We had a fabulously fun baby shower honoring all four girls last Saturday. The other ladies in our homegroup are all so amazing and pure joy to be around. I loved every minute of the planning to cleaning up of that shower! Thanks ladies for that opportunity!( I will try to get some photos of that event!!)
The next day was the second birthday of Charlotte. She is the sweet and beautiful daughter of one of my best friends. It was so fun to see all the little ones excited and hyped up on sugar! They had a bounce house that Jacob is convinced is "still there mommy!" I love that we get to have celebrations of life with friends; especially friends like Jan, whom I have known for over 10 years...there's a lot of living' in those memories and I am thankful to say that she has remained my friend through it all!!
Today we celebrated with Sunni and Ava. Little Ava turned Two and we were so happy to share that celebration with her. She is the cutest little thing, and I am sure that Sunni will post some pictures on her blog. Be sure to check them, out. You will be blessed by her sweet little smile! I am blessed and thankful to know this awesome family. I can't wait for many more celebrations with them!
Next weekend, we will celebrate Jacob's third birthday. I will be sure to post pictures of that event. We are so blessed by our son. He is so full of joy and adventure. I can't remember life without Jacob. We are so, so thankful for that sweet boy!

My handsome husband killing all the weeds in our yard!
Sweet son.

Precious Emma.

Little Charlotte eating her cake!

The kids had a cake eating party in the fort of the swing set!


Happy Emma.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hey kids! Guess what????

God made snow!!
There is nothing like a child experiencing God's beauty. Today is Thursday and both of the kids go to school this day. Jacob gets out a little earlier than Emma, but I snuck her out at the same time and then we played. God is amazing. His creations are unmatchable. The looks on my sweet kid's faces as they joyfully take in His creation is priceless. When we got home it was still slushy outside, not really snow at all. Then, a little later, Emma decided to open the blinds and there it was! Huge flakes quickly falling to make the smooth blanket that would soon cover our yards.
So we all dressed in layers of unmatched clothes. I KNEW it would pay off to purchase those bibs from Target last spring! And I think I got them for a mere $3!! ALWAYS praise Him for a good bargain:)
Jacob refused to go outside without his cowboy boots. They are a recent obsession. Emma could not find the match to her left mitten. She also couldn't find the match for her right glove. Oposites attract, right?
We had fun. Pure joy. He is good. He was seen in a new and different way today through the eyes of my children. It was amazing to be a part of God revealing Himself to my Emma and Jacob.

I hope there is more tomorrow!!

Emma and Jacob ready to play!!

Emma and her snowball!!


Jacob getting Emma!